RCOP21 – Abstract submission open: Rock Glacier Inventories and Kinematics

Dear cold regions colleagues,

We are glad to invite you to submit an abstract to our session Rock Glacier Inventories and Kinematics (https://uspa.memberclicks.net/rcop--sessions#S_19) at the Regional Conference On permafrost 2021 (RCOP21), which will be held virtually in October 24 - 29, 2021.

Session abstract:

Rock glacier inventories have been set up for decades all around the world, yet without coordination, making their global assemblage and uniform completion not feasible. Similarly, the assessment of rock glacier kinematics was limited to a handful of landforms and mostly restricted to short time series. Recently, numerous datasets of increasing quality have been made available for numerous rock glaciers, particularly with the development of remote sensing techniques. Consequently, the potential for mapping and monitoring rock glaciers is rapidly advancing.

The IPA Action Group on rock glacier inventories and kinematics (2018-2023), also with the support of ESA CCI+ Permafrost, is promoting both the establishment of standards for inventorying rock glaciers, including refined indications on the activity rate, and the integration of rock glacier kinematics as a new associated parameter to Essential Climate Variable (ECV) Permafrost within the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS) reflecting indirectly the evolution of mountain permafrost. In this session, we welcome contributions from various approaches (in-situ measurements, remote sensing, geophysics, numerical modelling) that foster our understanding of rock glacier morphology and kinematics with the goal of stimulating the scientific discourse and sustaining the efforts presently being developed by the IPA Action Group community.

Guidelines and useful information:

Abstracts are due on July 15, 2021. You can submit your abstract here: https://uspa.memberclicks.net/rcop---iccre--abstracts.

Abstracts should be between 250 and 300 words and should briefly address the research problem, the hypothesis, the methods, the results and the implications of your research.

The abstract submission fee will be $40. Please note that this fee is non-refundable and conference registration fee will be additional.

Some preliminary dates for conference registration are:

Early bird registration opens on Thursday July 1.

Regular registration opens on Sunday August 15.

More information can be found on the conference website: https://uspa.memberclicks.net/rcop-iccre-main-page.


We hope to receive many interesting abstracts from you and learn more about your past and current research.


For any questions on the RCOP session please contact Alessandro Cicoira (alessandro.cicoira@unifr.ch); for any question regarding the IPA action group on Rock Glacier Inventories and Kinematics contact the official email address (rockglacier-ipa@unifr.ch).

Best Regards,

The session committee:

Alessandro Cicoira (EPFL and UniFr)

Yan Hu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Line Rouyet (NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS)

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