1989 – Acta Geocriogénica V

Acta Geocriogénica V (1989)

Trabajos publicados en libro "Geocriology of the Americas", Primera Reunión del Proyecto 197 IGCP, Unesco; reunidos en el ACTA GEOCRIOGÉNICA V

Cita: Actas Simposio "Geocryology of the Americas". Primera Reunión del Proyecto 197 IGCP, Unesco. Ianigla – Cricyt - Conicet. Acta Geocriogénica, 5, 1989, Mendoza.

Acta Geocriogénica V

5.0 Introduction

5.1 Present and past Pleistocene processes in the piedmont of Mendoza; an appraisal of our investigations. ABRAHAM de VAZQUEZ, E. and GARLEFF, F.

5.2 Exoscopie compare de cyosegregations claciques et de cristallisations carbonates biogenes. ADOLPHE, J.P.

5.3 Etudes preliminaires des calcins du nord est Groenland. ADOLPHE, J.P. et LOUBIERE, J.F.

5.4 Dispersión geoquímica en la capa active del Cajón del Rubio; Andes Centrales Mendoza, Argentina. AHUMADA, A.L.

5.5 Calcium carbonate effects on frost heaving. CHENG XIAOBAI

5.6 Observations on fossil ice wedges corresponding to two cryogenic periods in Puerto Madryn surrounding areas. BELTRAMONE, C.

5.7 Calcium carbonate and other solutes deposition in geocryogenic regions: Active layer in Marambio (Seymour Island), Antarctica

5.8 Survey of Chinese periglacial geomorphology. CHI ZHI JIU and ZHU CHENG

5.9 Polyphased genesis of calcretes formed on Plio-Pleistocene alluvial deposits. Cryogenic significance. DEL VALLE, H.

5.10 Dynamics, distributions and age of rock glaciers in the Southern Alps. EVIN, M.

5.11 Talus formation in high mountain environments Alps and tropical Andes. FRANCOU, B.

5.12 Lacustrine bodies in Argentina as potential sources of past geocryogenic conditions during cryogenic episodes. GONZÁLEZ, M.A.

5.13 Permafrost in the middle Asia arid mountains. GORBUNOV, A.P.

5.14 Llullaillaco: Geoecology and past climate change in the Altiplano of Northern Chile. GROSJEAN, M.

5.15 Pleistocene ice wedge cast at 34° SL. Eastern Andes piedmont, Southwest of South America. GROSSO, S.A. and CORTE, A.E.

5.16 Freshwater ice deposits in saline lakes, high Andes. HURLBERT, S.

5.17 Mechanical weathering in cold regions: New advances and old questions. HALL, K.J.

5.18 Chronoestratigraphy, glaciations and permafrost in the cordilleras of western North America. HARRIS, S.A.

5.19 Present and past geocryogenic processes in Mexico: a synopsis. HEINE, K.

5.20 Geocryological features in South Africa active and fossil. LEWIS, C.A.

5.21 Caracterización térmica actual del cono sur de América y Antártida asociadas con procesos de congelamiento del suelo. MINETTI, J. and POBLETE, A.G

5.22 Snow Banks, protalus ramparts and debris mantles in Lassen Volcanic National Park, California. PEREZ, F.L

5.23 Chronology and paleoclimate history of permafrost in central Alaska. PÉWÉ, T.L.

5.24 Pleistocene periglacial features east of the Puna. RIVELLI, F.

5.25 Global radiation and soil temperatures in the periglacial belt of the Aconcagua, High Mountain Andes. SCHROTT, L.

5.26 Andes slopes asymmetry and gelifluction. REGAIRAZ, C.

5.27 Chronology of the periglacial structures in North China. SUN JIANZHONG

5.28 Geomagnetism, climate and chronology of Quaternary deposits in Patagonia. SYLWAN, C.A

5.29 Periglacial forms sediments and permafrost, Lagunita del Plata, Mendoza. TROMBOTTO, D.

5.30 The role of segregation ice in the superficial formations of Western Europe. The processes and their heritage. VOGT, T.

5.31 Calcium carbonate in the calcretes from South Morocco and Central Patagonia. VOGT, T.

5.32 Active and relict ice generated geomorphic features, Cumbre del Obispo, Salta, Argentina. WAYNE, W.

5.33 Summer temperatures north of Patagonia during the last 500 years with comments on the Little Ice Age chronology. VILLALBA, R., BONINGSENA, J. and COBOS, D.

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