1985 – Acta Geocriogénica III

Acta Geocriogénica III (1985)

Trabajos publicados en las actas de la Subcomisión Latinoamericana sobre la Importancia de los procesos periglaciales (no se concretó la reunión), reunidos en el ACTA GEOCRIOGÉNICA III

Cita: Trabajos de la "Subcomisión Latinoamericana sobre la Importancia de los Procesos Periglaciales”, International Geographical Union. Director: Arturo Corte. Acta Geocriogénica, 3, 1985, Mendoza.

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Testing the late Quaternary climatic record of southern Chile with evidence from fossil coleóptera. A.C. ASHFORD and J.W. HOGANSON.

3.3 Experimental cultivation of potato (solanum tuberousum) in permafrost regions in the Canadian Arctic, Ellesmere Island (79°N), N.W.T.   B.M. BERSMA and J.SVOBODA

3.4 Glaciares de escombros fósiles en la Sierra de la Demanda (Cordillera Ibérica), España. F. JAVIER ANTÓN BURGOS

3.5 Cryoplanation terraces in the Appalachians South of the glacial border. M.G. CLARCK and J. HEDGES

3.6 Some aspects of closed lakes in Patagonia. R.W. GALLOWAY

3.7 Surface texture of quartz grains from different sedimentation environments in the Northwestern Argentina. K. GARLEFF, A. KOWALKOWSKI and H. STINGL

3.8 Permafrost area of the middle Asia. A.P GORBUNOV

3.9 Climatic conditions for the genesis of solifluction forms in the tropical Andes. K. GRAF

3.10 Notas sobre la extensión especial, temporal y efectos biológicos de algunos fenómenos geocriogénicos en las cumbres calchaquíes, Tucumán. S. HALLOY

3.11 Bilaterally of the periglacial zone in the Aconcagua massif 32°-33° S/70° W. M. KUHLE

3.12 Experimental synthesis of patterned ground and consequences for a supra-regional comparison of the lower boundaries of patterned ground. M. KHULE

3.13 Needle-ice: its role in river erosion, and global distribution. D.M. LAWLER

3.14 Simultaneous climatic change in both hemispheres and similar bipolar interglacial warming: evidence and implications. J.M. MERCER

3.15 Periglacial features in Northern James Ross Island. J RABASSA

3.16 La zona periglacial de Venezuela. C. SCHUBERT


3.17 Primera cronología construida con Fitzroya Cupressoides. J. BONINSEGNA, R. HOLMES

3.18 Comparative study of geocryogenic (periglacial) conditions, features and processes in the Andes and Himalayas. The Andes. A.E. CORTE

3.19 Comparative study of geocryogenic (periglacial) conditions, features and processes in the Andes and Himalayas. The Himalayas. CUI, ZHIJUI

3.20 Conclusions of geocryogenic conditions in the Andes and Himalayas, A.E CORTE and CUI ZHIJUI

3.21 Loess in soils of stratigraphic importance in the periglacial zone of Mount Kenya, East Africa. W.C. MAHANEY

3.22 Las variaciones glaciares del antiguo Cenozoico en Sudamérica, al sude del Ecuador. J.H. MERCER

3.23 Fossil ice wedges in Southern Patagonia and their paleoclimatic significance. R.W. GALLOWAY

3.24 The Quaternary climate in the Buenos Aires Province through the mammals. E.P. TONNI

3.25 Models of rock glacier formation and movement. W. BRIAN WHALLEY

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