Kinnard, Christophe

Datos Generales

Doctor en  Geografía (University of Ottawa)
Investigador en glaciología



Centro de Estudios Avanzados en Zonas Áridas (CEAZA)
Campus A. Bello, Universidad de La Serena, La Serena, Chile
Tel.: +56-51-334873


Estudio de los recursos de agua asociadas con la criósfera  en un contexto de de cambios climáticos.

Publicaciones desde 2006

1) MacDonell, S., L. Nicholson, and C. Kinnard, Parameterisation of incoming longwave radiation over glacier surfaces in the semiarid Andes of Chile, Theor Appl Climatol, 1-16.

2) Kinnard, C., C.M.Zdanowicz, D.A. Fisher, E. Isaksson, A. de Vernal, and L.G. Thompson, 2011. Reconstructed changes in Arctic sea ice over the past 1,450 years. Nature, 479 (7374), 509-512.

3) Fisher, D., J. Zheng, D. Burgess, C. Zdanowicz, C. Kinnard, M. Sharp, and J. Bourgeois. Recent melt rates of Canadian Arctic ice caps are the highest in four millennia. 2011. Global and Planetary Changes, doi: 10.1016/j.gloplacha.2011.06.005.

4) Monnier, S., C. Camerlynck, F. Rejiba, T. Feuillet, C. Kinnard, and A. Dhemaied, 2011. The structure and genesis of the Thabor rock glacier (Northern French Alps) determined from morphology analysis and Ground Penetrating Radar survey. Geomorphology, doi: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2011.07.004.

5) Rabatel, A., Castebrunet, H., Favier, V., L. Nicholson, and C. Kinnard, 2011. Glacier changes in the Pascua-Lama region, Chilean Andes (29° S): recent mass balance and 50 yr surface area variations. The Cryosphere 5 (4), 1029-1041.

6) Gascoin, S., Kinnard, C., Ponce, R., S. Lhermitte, S. MacDonell, and A. Rabatel, 2011. Glacier contribution to streamflow in two headwaters of the Huasco River, Dry Andes of Chile. The Cryosphere 5 (4), 1099-1113.

7) Kinnard, C., C.M. Zdanowicz, R.M. Koerner, D.A. Fisher, J. Zheng,  M.J. Sharp, L. Nicholson, and B. Lauriol, 2008. Stratigraphic analysis of an ice core from the Prince of Wales Icefield, Ellesmere Island, Arctic Canada, using digital image analysis: high-resolution density, past summer warmth reconstruction and melt effect on ice core solid conductivity. Journal of Geophysical Research, 113, D24120, doi:10.1029/2008JD011083.

8) Kinnard, C., C.M. Zdanowicz, D.A. Fisher, and R.M. Koerner, 2008. A changing Arctic seasonal ice zone: Observations from 1870–2003 and possible oceanographic consequences, 2008. Geophysical Research Letters, 35, L02507, doi:10.1029/2007GL032507.

9) Kinnard, C., C.M. Zdanowicz, D.A. Fisher, and C. Wake, 2006. Calibration of an ice-core glaciochemical (sea salt) record with sea ice variability in the Canadian Arctic. Annals of Glaciology, 44(1), 383-390.

10) Kinnard, C., C.M. Zdanowicz, D.A. Fisher, B. Alt, and S. McCourt, 2006. Climatic analysis of sea ice variability in the Canadian Arctic from operational charts, 1980-2004. Annals of Glaciology, 44(1), 391-402.

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