Villalba, Ricardo

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Ricardo Villalba





Instituto Argentino de Nivología, Glaciología y Ciencias Ambientales (IANIGLA)


C.C. 330, (5500) Mendoza, Argentina

Tel: 54(261)5244237

Fax: 54(261)5244201



1- Villalba, R., Lara, A.,Masiokas, M.H., Urrutia, R., Luckman, B.H., Marshall, G.J., Mundo,I.A., Christie, D.A., Cook, E.R., Neukom, R., Allen, K., Fenwick, P., Boninsegna, J.A., Srur, A.M., Morales, M.S., Araneo, D., Palmer, J.G., Cuq, E., Aravena, J.C., Holz, A., LeQuesne, C. 2012. Unusual Southern Hemisphere tree growth patterns induced by changes in the Southern Annular Mode. Nature Geosci. 5, 793–798. DESCARGAR

2- Masiokas, M. H., R. Villalba, B. H. Luckman, E. Montaña, E. Betman, D. Christie, C. Le Quesne, and S. Mauget, 2013: Recent and Historic Andean Snowpack and Streamflow Variations and Vulnerability to Water Shortages in Central-Western Argentina. Climate Vulnerability: Understanding and Addressing Threats to Essential Resources. Elsevier Inc., Academic Press, 213–227 pp. DESCARGAR

3- Gil, A.F., Villalba, R., Ugan, A., Cortegoso, V., Neme, G., Michieli, C.T., Novellino, P., Durán, V. 2014. Isotopic evidence on human bone for declining maize consumption during the Little Ice Age in central western Argentina, Journal of Archaeological Science, 49: 213-227. DESCARGAR

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